At sea and on water

The elements may differ, but the challenges are familiar: the security, performance, reliability, and quality necessities within the shipping industry are comparable to those affecting aviation.
When we entered this market several years ago we had already become accustom to the uncompromising conditions involved in civil aviation. We have learned over the decades exactly how to integrate the best possible functions into the smallest possible space. All this, while continuing to meet the strictest security and performance standards, and incorporating individual customer needs.
AES has developed a power supply unit for marine lighting systems that cleverly adapts an existing product to meet the unique maritime necessities.

Our skilled engineers found that the components needed had to meet different requirements to handle the saltwater environment. In addition to our strong product development, AES has also become a player in the field of maritime services.
We have created system design and installation plans for the emergency escape route lighting system of passenger areas on several cruise ships. This included: all the wiring, one-line diagrams, and connection of the lighting system to the power supply and corresponding sub-distribution units.
The emergency escape route lighting system illuminates all escape routes to ensure safe evacuation in case of an emergency. The locations of fire extinguishers, along the escape routes, are also clearly labelled. 


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