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The heavy demands within the aviation industry continually push the limits of technical feasibility, creating major challenges for our engineers. Our technical knowledge, high quality product standards and services, and an uncompromising focus on our customer requirements, have made us a reputable international service and product provider for the aviation industry. Working towards integrated solutions, we specialise in exciting and sophisticated development work. Today we possess the ability to engineer complete electrical systems within an aircraft. Our services cover the entire chain, from electrical design, to the development and manufacturing of electrical and electronic products and systems. These include: LED lighting, power management, controls, and telecommunications systems inside aircraft cabins and VIP planes. Our global customers include Airbus and Boeing, in addition to different commercial airlines, cabin interior and galley manufacturers and completion centres. 

Aircraft cabin systems
Our product portfolio for aircraft cabins includes: power supplies, LED lights for cabin crew service areas and decoration, light system controllers, and auxiliary devices for cabin management systems. Our products are compatible with almost all types of systems. We customise our products and develop interfaces, which guarantee the overall functionality of the system. This ensures that our solutions meet the highest standards of your requirements. Our products and systems can be used, throughout the whole aircraft cabin, from galleys to lavatories and seats.
We can help create the ideal system for you, or just help you find that one special part to complete your existing system.


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